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>> we're having audio difficulties with the transmission there. but this big rig overturned and nothing toxic on board. bad news is that it was a traffic mess and still is out there. we'll update that for you during this broadcast necessary. and on our web site. let's move on now. there is breaking news out of san francisco now. police arrested a 20-year-old man and we showed you the tape. devon riley had a surveillance video at the station. watch what happens sh police say he jumped a pay gate with his bicycle and the agent confronted him. police say riley kicked the agent in the chest, there, you can see that and knocked him down. riley faces three felony charges for battery and for mayhem. >> this is the first full day of operation impact. california patrol helping
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laura anthony roll add long and is live on telegraph avenue. >> chp is here in oakland to make a traffic and as we learned today a minor stop could help prevent crime. >> there is no license plate if the front. this is an infraction. >> this patrol officer is cruising down international boulevard looking for the weekend fast approaching the goal to keep an eye out for trouble before it starts. stopping crime can begin with a traffic stop. >> drive by shootings happen in vehicles and have to get to and from the loks you can find someone with the proof of the crime in the vehicle, say someone just committing a
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robbery. >> as a matter of fact last night we had 11 arrests. and drug violations. >> chp and police won't reveal how much will be dough ployed but gives law enforcement higher visibility. >> many shootings and homicides those guns have to be transported to and from scenes of krichls we find individuals or groups do so by vehicles.. >> jose vega's children attend woodland element story. and everyone enjoyed seeing the helicopter up close it is additional officers down on the streets that vaguea appreciates. >> this is going to be much
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better, still. you know? this is in the area i live. >> sheriff deputies were supposed to step up their patrols. one other piece of oakland crime fighting strategy there is a program that should allow folks to text in tips about crimes they may have witnessed that started this month. so far they've received several dozen tips, information is on our web site abc 7 in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. we could know the fate of a former school principal accused of not reporting a case of suspected child abuse. closing argue gums in the case and were held and a third place student teacher blind folded her and pult a gooey
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substance in her mouth. the teacher says it was part of a lesson plan to promote empathy for the disabled. they transferred the-year-old to the other class. >> the first time since the ross mirkarimi domestic violence broke out we're hearing a videotape that helped convict him. ivory madison released an ad targeting christina sa -- alahi's reelection bid. >> i just need to know what ala of the hi did. i live in district five because she thinks it's okay to abuse your wife and still run a major law enforcement agency. i'm voting for anyone but christina alahi. >> the campaign issued a statement saying it silences survivors. sheriff mirkarimi told abc 7
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news the ad reflects in, her words reflects politics of retribution it was a different story this morning. subway service shut down almost three hours after a person was struck ask killed by a light rail vehicle near montgomery station. the man walking on the tracks. police investigated and uni suspended service. riders taken to downtown area. service finally remum sooumed about 10:30 this morning. the man has not yet been identified. >> east coast after days of deliberation and controversy new york city marathon has been cancelled. the decision that this is just not the right time to hold the race. power coming back to the skyline. the mayor says conedison hoping to have most of the
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outages resolved by tonight. 3.8 million homes and businesses in the east are still without power, down from 8.5 million. california is helping to get power back on. trucks are being loaded on to aircraft in riverside county. pg&e announced it's sending 100 workers to the zaft yefr zone to help in efforts. 150 others sent out this week. >> tensions running high among those affected by the hurricane. and the suburbs may have to wait for a week with a cold front coming up. death toll now stands at 97. 40 fatalities occurred in new york city.
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the damage could hit $50 billion, second only to hurricane katrina. >> dozens of red cross volunteers from the bay area in new york now helping with disaster relief. 50 volunteers on 10 day to three week missions servinging people displaced or without supplies thousands landed in new york providing relief and organization. >> we're working in logistics and immediate yachl we're working in what we call care and shelter and providing high duration and a safe place for people to be. we're looking to support that. >> disney and abc making monday a day of giving for victims of sandy. disney kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the
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american red cross. ux help by texting to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-help now or by going online to red >> economic news, october jobs report is out. candidates using it to try to win over voters before tuesday's election. rates picked up and analysts say that is because more people without jobs started looking for work. 171,000 new jobs were added to the economy. the president seized on the jobs report today. mr. obama told supporters more workers hired in october than any other time in the last eight months. he says america has come too far to turn back now. >> we've come too far to grow
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faint hearted. now is the time to keep pushing forward. train our workers to create new jobs and rebuild our infrastructure. >> mitt romney took aim at the unemployment report saying it's a sad reminder the economy is in a virtual stand still. >> he said he'd get unemployment down to 5.2%. that is nine million jobs short. those are real americans.. >> despite the report neither campaign expects new figures will do much to chaimpkt race claiming americans views of the economy are fixed by now. california reached 18.2 million registered voters. secretary of state announced 950,000 new voters have signed up since the 2008 presidential election partially because of the new online registration
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system. number of registered republicans, however, has fallen to just below 30%. >> and a field poll shows support growing for ending california's death penalty. prop 34 may not have the majority it needs to pass. 45% support ending the death enyalt. 38% oppose it. found 17% of the voters remain undecided again just four days before the election. >> chevron says the refunry should be functional again. crews working to repair the unit two months after being damaged by a fire in august. this refunry has seen a sig scant drop since the mayor, rs announced it's earnings dropped 33% but earned $2.69. >> i share.
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>> still to come at 5:00 a bra heist in palo alto. bras stolen from a store, how it happened. >> looks like people could use a cover up. but there is no cover up here. a live report is coming up. >> i'm sandhya patel looking for the game a big warm up coming that may take temperatures into record territories. i'll have details of the weather coming up. >> and ping pong on the streets of san francisco. the news continues in one minute. we'll be right back.
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retail business they call
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it shrinking, the rest of us call it shoplifting. it just happened in a victoria's secret store in the stanford shopping center. the chain has been ripped off of tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. abc 7 news is live in palo alto tonight with the story. >> $11,000 worth of bras stolen from the store here in palo alto. abc 7 news learned thieves have been targeting victoria secret stores for the past two years. this is security video of two male thieves stealing bras. police say the men stole 30 bras worth $1600. this happened in april of this year. it's just one of several store that's have been hit by bra thieves in two years nationwide. on halloween night, 180 bras
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were stolen, $11,000 worth of lacey material according to police. shoppers we spoke to are stunned. >> that is horrible. i don't know how they could have pull that had off. crazy. >> why? how could they take that much out of one store? and not have anyone notice? >> police sargeant says organized retail theft is nothing new saying thiefs have difficult levels of sophistication. >> it could be simple going to swap meets and it could be a person knows people that can just dump them to people they know. >> they distract clerk pz make off with the merchandise. the thieves took bras from a cabinet and she says recovering clothing items is tough because they don't have serial numbers or other ways to identify them.
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that makes it easier to just sell the bras online. >> they can sell them here and tlchl it's not difficult to get rid of the items. >> she says thieves should been caught on camera. >> she the should have more security in the store and more, you know cameras and more security guys. >> sources tell us the cameras weren't working at the time of the theft wex tried to contact corporate offices and they told us they had no comment. police say there are no leads at this time. >> first week night football game in cal berkeley history going to get underway on a friday night with all that traffic. there is a live take a look now so does that mean a traffic jam is going make
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history as well? police had a plan to ease the problem. >> they did. people coming from other areas and it is working unless you want to walk. it's kind of different on a friday night. players head into stadiums to take on washington huskies .s first ever friday night game on a day of students and staff had a regular class day on campus. you didn't have much of a chance if you're park ntd areas and from downtown berkeley, bart as well as amtrak situation. and there are fields running
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free shuttle from there as well. >> it's a showcase for cal's new stadium. retro fitted in a cost of $321 million. more than every improvement known to fan kind including permanent lights. we're conscious of the lights we're putting in and wanted to make sure they're limited in terms terms of spillage. so that way it lights the field not the neighborhood. >> for some students a friday night game is a new experience. >> game days always a lot of fun. so that is great. >> what do you think? >> it killwill make it more fun. >> saturday, everyone just wakes up. i see masses of people walking in. i don't know which i prefer, yet. >> it could go late into the
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night. >> they handed out 30,000 towels to inspire the team this, game is part of a new contract and cal will be playing again in 2014 or 2015. >> fun stuff, thank you very much. mayor ed lee tried out ping pong diplomacy today. he went head to head with the director of public works on a table tennis -- tennis table set up. this was to promote a city project aiming to add more classes along this corridor. it's zined to let people meet friends and have fun why not encourage people to do wonderful things.
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>> the project is working on traffic that will include explannedding bike lanes.. >> the season of giving is underway in san francisco. this jazz great entertained both donors and 40 children from the booker t washington community center. the razz room raised that much for the season last year. >> that is terrific. oh, the weekend is upon use sandhya promising good stuff. >> yes. jazzy forecast. i have a warm up coming up that will leave you wondering if this is really november. how many people can say in november we have beach weather? we're looking towards the bay.
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we have high clouds moving in on the increase. another perspective from san jose. they're enjoying sun. so far high as long the coast into upper 50s to low 60s. inland areas into low 70s. clouds around, you'll see them here. we have radar that is not tracking rain now just watching clouds. rain up to the north. they've been getting light rain, 6/100ths so far. keeping wet weather there. weekend plans looking fabulous, temperatures in the 60s. clouds increase overnight, highs likely monday and tuesday, election day. and temperatures increasing starting this weekend continuing throughout next
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week. tomorrow morning might see clouds around z mainry mid and high level clouds. could see patches of fog we'll see temperatures in a fairly narrow range in the low 50s. if you have early plans it will be a cold start. you can see the storm here is large. it's a weak front that is approaching. it's bumping into this area of high pressure. all we'll get out of this, we're seeing as high level clouds moving through. tomorrow a front dissipates this weekend warmer days expected saturday, you feel it. heading into sunday, and then, monday, tuesday, record highs are likely here in the bay area. so going to warm it up here. 71 sunnyvale. you'll see high clouds in early parts of the afternoon. sunshine, 72 in menlo park.
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coastal areas low to mid-60s. beautiful day. 68 degrees, 64 in the sunset district. north bay communities into 60s near beaches. head out towards east bay, it's a mild day. 72 oakland, newark. inland communities low to mid 70s tomorrow, 71 livermore, more the monterey bay, 76 degrees in morgan hill. the accu-weather forecast looks like this. milder tomorrow. warmer sunday. mid-60s to low 80s low 70s coast includes election day. of course, weeking of falling fall back an hour sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. we're going standard time. cooling off wednesday, thursday, friday. leading up to a chance of rain.
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sunday raiders taking on buccaneers. >> good stuff. >> yes. >> just in the nick of time a $23 million winner comes forward to claim her fort yooun. >> then, at 6:00 cal chancellor reaches out to bay area students with assurance that could keep college dreams alive. we'll have
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here is the news flash, it's friday. >> just in case you didn't know, right? >> we're here to mellow you out. there you go. sonoma meditation classes, they're going give you five of them. take a look at that. these classes will help tone the body and calm the mind. all levels are welcome. it's way cool. the value is $50 but you're not going to pay for that. you're way too mel to pay for that. dhek out. harvest vest value, we give these away every year. people say we had a good time. this is kind of the start of the holidays. there is just some great stuff to buy and so you can check it
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out. you're going get in free. >> you can get it by dialing or at any time you can log on to abc 7 >> thank you. >> still to come
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